2013: Lost Shore


The game board was outside but here’s approximately where things ended up:

View Treasure of the Lost Shore in a larger map.           Game On Clock: 23 days 23 hours! 
The adventure is over… but apparently not for Zuzu Zhinobi and Sir Buttons! If you happen to see either of these adventurers let us know in the comments that they’ve re-emerged. Thanks to everyone who played or happened to see the adventurers going one way or another — you made it a lot of fun!


2013: Lost Shore — 117 Comments

  1. Rumor has it that Zuzu and Sir Ned met up outside of the Shorewood Library. After a brief courtship, they exchanged tinfoil rings in a lovely ceremony. They are currently honeymooning in Door County, with no plans to return. Therefore, I declare myself the winner! I award myself the Au medal (that’s gold, for you non-sciency types).

  2. Yay Sap Scallion!!! Even if she only scored 21 points, Sap is still a true winner! 😀 Fame and attention don’t suit her anyway, and at least she made it home safe and sound. Go Sap – you’re the best! 🙂

  3. Made it all the way to Atwater shoreline. The steps were wide and the sun was beaming, but under the Wisconsin sky, today we be winning.

    • Cool! I’m glad that Sap made it. My daughters and I intersected Shorewood Blvd at Stowell and followed it east to Lake Drive, and then we went to Atwater. No sign of Sir Buttons anywhere. We stopped and asked a few residents who live on Shorewood Blvd, but they had not seen him either.

  4. Sap is within sight of Atwater, safely next to a low wall on the west side of Lake Drive, just south of Jarvis. She’s a bit worried as there are lions on the porch!

    Go, Sap!

  5. Sap has moved east one block and south to Wood. Trust the fire department to provide shelter for Sap this evening.

  6. If my math is right, Sap should get another shilling BEFORE heading to the lake. Even if it means someone beating her to the water, she ends up with more points than she’d have if she went straight there. And maybe she’ll be able to make some more trades this way too. GO SAP!!!

  7. Sap moved east 100 steps and now resides on the south side of olive st west of Prospect. It was time for a late night walk with our black lab Emma. Sap almost lost her hat during the move!

  8. i say we get sap and ned together to trade amulets, then move sap towards the lake. if my math is right, 3 matching amulet types (9) plus two matching types (4) a shorewood shilling (5) and a third place bonus (7) will tie her at first. lets go Sap!!

  9. After inputting all of the data into my Jellymaker 3000 Supercomputer, I compute 24 points for Agent Riddles (not 23, as shown on her page). I demand a recount!

    • You are right — the elevation change from my fast run down to the beach to check Riddles’ briefcase must have thrown off my calculator! 24 is her score!

      • I don’t want to cause undue stress or anguish — but when Piper moved Agent Riddles to the memorial — Dr. Jellymaker was already on the beach. I think Dr. Jellymaker deserves the extra 5 points.

        • Hmmm, maybe Agent Riddles capitalized on a strict “first to the water” interpretation of the rules. A bystander I talked to when I went to pick her up told me they saw a family carry Riddles right to the water, and at that point Jellymaker was still halfway from the boardwalk. Until one day Instant Replay is added to the game, we just have to rely on reports as they come in! 🙂 Riddles’s finishing bonus stands!

  10. YA ALLEY THATS MY GIRL!!! NO WHERES ZUZU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sap had a lovely time at the little free library but got distracted by a newly planted tree approximately 100 steps East.

      Sap heard that Santa Claus (on the 2400 block of Olive) really wants to meet her.

  11. Agent Riddles is close! He was waiting near the playground on the bluff. He is currently paying his respects at the memorial, overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan.

  12. sap is in front of the little library 2 blocks east of oakland on olive there is a shilling inside of the library for him

  13. Dr. Jellymaker was found resting on a bench in Atwater park, recouperating from his journey. Inspired by the sight of his homeland, he mustered up the strenght to complete the last leg of his journey. He waits now at the foot of the steps, so close to the shore, he can taste the lake on his wooden tongue.

  14. Sap is within 100 steps of the little library on olive/maryland olive/murray. Please help her get her first shilling!!

  15. I just moved Sap and Ally, who have made the first two trades of the game! Looks like Sap is collecting tree and gear amulets, while Ally is going for the mustaches and lighting bolts. (See their new locations on the map.) Sap is trying to get a Shorewood shilling from the Little Library on Olive, so please move her in that direction! Go Sap!

  16. Dr.Jellymaker is on Murray, close to Kenmore, heading toward the Little Free Library on Olive, to get his last shilling. A BIG THANK YOU to the kind fans of Dr.Jellymaker who found our crazy, missing, wooden post, told us where he is, and with help from other extremely kind Dr.Jellymaker fans, got the mad scientist his second shilling. 😀

  17. This afternoon I moved three pieces. I started by moving Jellymaker from Capitol to Kenmore (by the Walgreens parking lot.) Then I biked up Capitol and found Sap. I moved him to Maryland by City Market. After that, I biked up to Atwater beach and found Alley. I moved her away from the beach onto Jarvis. On my way home, I spotted Ned, but decided he was safe and well hidden so I let him be. Looked for Zuzu but had no luck. I hope she is not lost.

  18. Expect some big moves from Sap Scallion! I moved her last night so I now I have the Rule of Three power! 😀 I think she should head up Murray to Olive, and get her first shilling. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who found her!!!! Go Sap!!! 😀

  19. We found Sap on Oakland and Newton (thanks to Erica’s post!) and with three people and Twilight Oomph moved her to Murray just south of Shorewood Blv. (by the library).

    • Out walking this morning I happened upon Sap, who is now awaiting her next move at Murray and Capitol.
      Billie th Dog

  20. sir buttons had been temporarily pushed back to shorewood bvld. near lake drive…. will he be able to rally himself for the home stretch?

    • Did she make it all the way down to the water? If so, she’s completed her adventure — but we won’t know if she won until all the adventurers complete and their points are tallied. Currently, Agent Riddles would finish with +15 for finishing first and +1 for each of her amulets = 20 points. That might be enough to win… but then again it might not…

      If you see she’s made it to the water — or is heading somewhere else — let us know!

    • we searched Morris from Glendale to Capitol, also parts of Larkin, from 7:45 till now…we are in despair, as our lab team of 4 was prepared to use all our steps toward helping him get his schilling…AUGH! Doctor, where are you?

  21. Agent Riddles is closing in on that Little Free Library on Olive… only a few blocks away… her briefcase needs a shilling!

  22. Agent Riddles has been maneuvering towards Capitol… I last saw him scampering down Stowell between Olive and Wood!

  23. Ally Riddles was last seen on the east side of Lake Drive – just south of Kensington & Lake Drive. Go big Red – Agent Riddles.

  24. Where is Sap? We went out looking for her but no luck. At one point, we did think we saw her being carried somewhere. But just as we got really excited, we got close enough to realize that the guy was just carrying a green skateboard. 🙁 Very disappointing. Sap seems to take after her uncle Sprout from last year’s race in that she occasionally disappears without a trace. Every time (but one 🙁 ) Sprout appeared again, though. I haven’t lost faith in my favorite little naturalist! 🙂 Go Sap!!!!!

  25. Went to look for Ms. Sap today this morning. Her last know whereabouts my me were in front of the steps of the Newton Arms Apartments.

    I fear she may have succumbed to a dumpster toss or sitting on someones apartment mantle.

    Have you seen her?!?!

  26. I just went out looking for Dr. Jellymaker and he is not on Kensington and Morris does anyone know exactly where he is? 😀

  27. The quickly spreading rumors of zuzu are true she was moved a couple blocks and is now by bp on capital! after a breif wardrobe malfunction which required a pit stop;)

  28. We moved Dr. Jellymaker to Kensington and Morris… last spotted heading further east.

    Attempted to spirit Zuzu back to Estabrook Park, but we were thwarted by a band of Zuzu zealots, who shall remain nameless. (Well, actually, the ringleader is right down there.)

  29. Moved Dr. Jellymaker east on Glendale. After dusk, he was approached by several people. Fellow scientists? or archenemies? when will they post?

  30. We escorted Dr. Jellymaker to Glendale and Morris at approximately 8 pm, and according to eyewitness reports, he was last seen moving further east.

    We attempted to spirit Zuzu Zhinobi back to Estabrook Park, but we were intercepted by a car full of Zuzu zealots. The last we heard, Zuzu was moving swiftly eastward, somewhere near Olive and Morris…

    • no no no tess agent alley riddles has got this! bad luck is in the family must i remind u of what happened to sprout?

      • All the more reason Sap should work hard and use her mysterious ways and connections with nature to win this thing while her uncle is exploring on a secret environmental mission. Maybe Sap is the only one with a clue to his whereabouts. GO SCALLIONS!!!

  31. Zuzu Zhinobi is currently on her way to oakland/capital to hopefully meet up with some other players but for now this little ninja is parked at 4226 north ardmore ave. slowly but surly moving will she catch up with alley riddles i dont think so! but a girls gotta try right?

  32. Hahaha hehehe … Dr jelly maker is living on the edge (on the edge of the game board that is since he was last seen at 12:22 pm around Ardmore and Glendale) and he, too, has collected his first schilling … Catching up to you Zuzu. Hahahaha (evil mad scientist laugh)

  33. Zuzu has collected her first schilling! Hooray! Last seen near Morris and Olive… Come on everybody!!!! We got to catch up with Zuzu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. GO DR.JELLYMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I brought him to this brick wall on Glendale Ave. He’s had a crazy past, using pulverized sawdust to make stuffed animals come to life,(see Dr.Jellymaker’s page on the adventurer tab)but I still love that wooden post.Hopefully someone moves him soon. Good luck!

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