Should Have Been Cancelled

Game Over! If you see any of the zombies lurking around, let us know in the comments. We’ll try to move them to a zombie rehabilitation facility, or maybe they’ll bury themselves and reemerge next year. Thanks for giant boardgaming with us everyone!

The real gameboard was outside but here’s a map of how things turned out:

The race was completed in 3 days 4 hours 29 minutes!

Check out the rules and information about the game. You can also throw your support to Kiko, Shade, V.W., Kitty, or Franklin — or the zombies! — by strategizing, celebrating, or lamenting in the comment section of their individual pages. Lastly, you can check official race updates and analysis.

Did you make a move? See a zombie? Let others know by posting in the comments below. Thanks — and good luck to all the pieces and the players!



Should Have Been Cancelled — 51 Comments

    • Thanks for the tip! He was still wandering that block when we went to scoop him up this morning. Hard to know what a zombie is thinking, but I sense Franklin was a little glad to be coming in from the cold.

  1. I found a zombie you may want to harvest and keep for another race! It’s on Maryland Avenue about a third a block north of Capitol Drive. If you go to Citymarket then head on the right side of the road towards Atwater’s tennis courts, you should find the creature. Will you have another race in the future? I got excited and took the thing 100 steps hoping the event was still on, but I guess it ended. .U.

    • We were too late to scoop it up — it had already shuffled onward, somewhere else! Thanks though, and let us know if you see it again. It’s quicker than it looks!

        • Nabbed it — thanks!! That leaves Swampkin and the zombified Franklin left roaming, hopefully finding a little peace, happiness, and the opportunity to explore other hobbies besides chasing inanimate racers, wherever they land.

  2. Kiko is finally finished and safe from the zombies! We found him right next to the park and we each moved him 100 steps to the end of the staircase. Then we got some of our friends to help us, and they moved him the last 50-100 steps to the lake! Hurray for Kiko!

  3. We found Kiko happy and healthy and moving toward the letter man and is at the corner of Capitol and Harcaurt where she can see the letter man.

  4. We thought Kitty might have a chance but she tired on the stairs and stopped to rest. Shade took advantage and bolted for the water!

  5. Zombie Zee is near the intersection of Jarvis and Farwell, heading east to catch some racers before they make it to the lake.
    Kitty Jaws-Paws suffered minor sabotage and is now on Olive near Downer – though she could still win it if she keeps her head in the game. Or I should say, her face.

  6. I met Marshkin for the first time! He is on Olive and Maryland his directions might be a little mixed up if he’s trying to get to the lake.
    I also saw frankenstein (zombie Franklin Zee) and he’s on Maryland near Jarvis.

  7. Shade and Kitty both had a lot of help today! Shade sits on Wood near Lake Drive. Kitty is watching a lovely garden between Prospect and Stowell on Olive.
    GO SHADE AND KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. we found Franklin Zee (now Frankenstein) on Olive and left him on Murray near Wood.
    And his friend Marshkin heads east on Olive.

  9. Three moves so far today:
    1. Another zombie emerges! We left him at the corner of Olive and Murray looking for trouble.
    2. Shade started heading toward the zombie but made a quick get-a-way around the corner. We last saw her at Farwell and Marion.
    3. Daredevil Kitty’s getting awfully close to that zombie! She is sizing it up from down the block. Look out!

  10. Kiko seems to be thinking about starting her education at Connie’s Sunshine Preschool on the corner of Kenmore and Bartlett.

  11. I moved Kitty Jaws Paws to (almost) Marion and Oakland, and it looked like someone else helped her cross Oakland this evening!

  12. The last known sighting of the zombie was at Marion and Oakland,
    Monday on Oakland but that was yesterday. Where is it lurking now? Anyone seen it?

    • No sightings of that zombie. Danny and Sheila walked around a few nearby blocks but did not see it.
      Maybe it has to return to the rubble from which it came to recharge its zombie batteries.
      Maybe it comes out at night.

  13. We moved Shade to the 1700 block of Olive and Franklin and Kiko to the 1500 block of Olive. All are heading east.

  14. WOW 3 IN ONE DAY we moved Franklin Zee And Kiko to 1500 block of Olive. and Shade to on the 1700 block of Olive.

    • We moved Shade to the 1700 block of Olive and Kiko and Franklin are close behind (1500 block of Olive).
      Watch out for zombies, players!

    • Oakland and Morris are parallel. Parallel lines intersect at infinity, according to Math. Therefore, if Blue is at the intersection of Oakland and Morris, Blue has traveled to infinity. I think that means he wins.

      • We noticed that too! Not sure where to mark blue V.W. on the map. Morris curves into Menlo, which then runs into Oakland; maybe he took off in that direction, which would put him well ahead and far from the zombie’s last known whereabouts.

  15. Kiko ran to Morris & Olive as it started to rain. Looked around from right to left, looking for shelter, but no-one was in sight!

  16. At 2:30 pm on Monday:
    – Blue is passing time in Triangle Park
    – Green is contemplating leasing space at AB Data Systems
    – Yellow and Red seem determined to return to The Maker, and are hovering near Ardmore.

    Go Zombie!

  17. We moved the racers away from the starting line! They are all within a block of the intersection of Wilson and Olive, awaiting their next moves. Go go go!

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