How to Play

Northbound is the latest giant summer boardgame played across the village of Shorewood. The game board is spread out over the entire village. Anyone can play, and we hope you do!

12 former competitors return to Shorewood to run in the highly prestigious Northbound race. Tough, resourceful, persistent, and courageous, they’ll give every ounce they have to blitz across Shorewood from Edgewood to Kensington in record time. All of them are in it to win it.

But they’re also inanimate planks of wood. They need the help from passesrby to go anywhere.

Find a racer, if you can, and give a lift! Or help one out by carrying a competitor in the wrong direction. It’s up to you. Any move you make, or don’t make, plays a vital role in shaping that racer’s destiny, and making history in the Northbound race!


Movement: Carry any racer 100 steps per day in any direction.

Placement: Leave the racer on the sidewalk, but not in driveways or alleys.

Special Moves:

Buddy Bonus: Two racers together can be moved double the steps!

Little Free Lift: If a racer is in front of a Little Free Library, you can transport them to any other Little Free Library… but you can’t cross Olive with this special move!

Winning: The first racer to get across Kensington wins. Be sure to report your moves in the comment section so others can celebrate or bemoan the results!


Playing games set in real-world environments have the potential to deepen our awareness of local surroundings.

Also, maybe like us you’ll get curious about which of the racers can win this thing, if any of them can! How will the racers string together a successful run when all they can do is enlist the help from motivated fans, random pedestrians, and big dogs who think they’re sticks?

But mostly: it’s a game, and all games are meant to be played, so we hope you do!