THE RACE IS OVER! The game was played outside on our village-sized game board, but here’s a map where the racers ended up:

Elapsed Race Time: 3 days 10 hours.

Players could strategize or celebrate or encourage others to rally behind their favorite racer on their individual page.









If your favorite racer won (or placed) in the Northbound race, you won the Game On Shorewood game!

Great job to all the racers and all the players. There were some great moves and exciting surprises — and you made it fun!



GameOn 2017 — 69 Comments

  1. Hmm no signs of either Kitty or Sap Scallion when we looked this early this afternoon. Either no one told them there was a finish line and they’re heading to the north pole, or they just decided they were ready to make their own way in the world… Enjoy the rest of your lives, you two!

  2. I believe kitty is on Murray between Glendale and Kensington. She was still trying to get to Kensington this morning.

    • North of Kensington? She made it somehow and better late than never! Thanks for the tip — we’ll try to pick her and Shade up today.

  3. Poor Kitty! We last left her on Capitol and Lake on Sunday evening. That looks like the last place she was recorded. I hope she is found!

    • We saw kitty on the afternoon of July fourth on Glendale and attempted to move her closer to Kensington but ran out of steps. My wife saw her this morning on Murray (she thinks) between Glendale and Kensington.

  4. Project Scallion Day: 2: Three Agents have moved Shade Scallion within eyesight Kensington, then the Agents ran out of steps. All seemed lost, then two blondes heroines came on Rollerblades and agreed to finish the job. Now Shade Scallion is safely at Kensington.

    Project Scallion is now complete.

  5. Frank Wisherwood has completed the arduous journey, making it across Kensington (At Prospect) this 4th of July morning. Here he is!

  6. Late update: Kip made it across Kensington thanks to my two nephews from Arizona! Now they know what a great place Shorewood is! And Aunt Debbie was equally as thrilled to help them along. Thank you Kevin for organizing such a fun community event.

    (Wasn’t able to post timely from my phone at three lions)

  7. Just carried Saffron Rae over the finish line at Murray and Kensington! Kip was there waiting. My daughter Lucy made her a necklace.

  8. Shade is now hanging out on Marion between Prospect and Stowell. She says it’s the coolest block in Shorewood!

  9. Kip is on the corner of Murray and Lake Bluff! He seems to be moving slow. And the “Zombie” is near the corner of Kensington and Cramer. Don’t get Zombified!

  10. We left Shade Scallion at Stowell and about half a block North of Capital. Let’s go Scallions!!!!!!!

  11. We helped this red racer and then, in a joint effort with the Wagners, got Sap Scallion across Kensington at Murray. It was a photo finish.

    • Spider-Man helped Kip make a big jump to Olive and Murray with some help from a Lil Free Lift!!
      We also spotted Saffron on Murray and Jarvis around 1:00pm

    • A rather excessively detailed account:
      (1) Brought Kaede to a free library, (2) biked to (3) a free library nearest to Kensington, and walked to (4) the finish line!

  12. Anyone seen Kiko? No reports of her moving since Saturday, and I haven’t seen her since then either. Hopefully she’s putting her exemplary peripheral vision to good use and sneaking up towards the finish line, but one fears the worst..

  13. We moved Gorley along Prospect north of Jarvis & Kaedeis on Woodburn south of Lake Bluff. Where is Sequoia?

  14. Found Burk Jellymaker outside around 4420 Oakland and moved him 100 steps across Kensington. He is now hanging out in front of Collectivo.

  15. After 200 steps, COCO and Kaede became best friends!! They sat together for a while and said good bye on Morris and Lawnwood Pl.

  16. We just saw kitty Jaws Paws on the North West corner of Capitol and Lake and Kip Trusmile on Beverly and Downer.

  17. Thanks from us as well! We’ve seen this site but haven’t been able to play in the past. We’re happy we were able to take part this year (and spread the news to people watching us marching by and counting).

  18. Kevin, thank you for making this game. It’s so much fun. We’ve been out all day hunting for them! We don’t want it to end!

  19. We sent saffron back 100 to 3700 Murray, helped Mr Jellymaker 100 forward to the corner of Shorewood and Murray.

  20. Saw W. Gorley and Kaede Dash together north of Capitol so we had to use the buddy racer to move them back south. They’re now back on the 3900 block of Prospect. Sorry guys!

  21. My girls and I went in search of racers early this morning and came across Burke on Murray between Newton and Beverly. We each moved him 100 paces and now he’s resting in front of the library. Go Burke!

  22. Just as Frank was about to call it a night, he thought to himself…’I have some more in me – let’s do this!’ Three espresso shots later and a ride on the back of a dog, he’s found himself a new spot on Newton.

  23. Came across Kip in disgrace today – abandoned on the side of the road, not even able to see because of the hat pulled down over his eyes! Carried him to Menlo, heading west toward Downer. Thankfully, our friend’s smile stayed true through the whole ordeal – what a contemplative guy!

  24. Found Shade enjoying the flowers on Shepard – heading to Lake Drive?
    Sap is 100 steps closer to the Menlo/Kramer intersection.

  25. Frank wisherwood was hanging out in Milwaukee, he was moved to Shorewood and is awaiting his next move in Edgewood and Downer

    • The racers set off from their marks at 12:30. Everybody looking fit and focused! And maybe a little nervous. And hopeful. Honestly, they’re a little hard to read. A lot of emotions at the start of a race!

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